Thank You

We are blown away by the support of friends, family, fans and colleagues in helping us raise money for The Baby Project readings at the New York Musical Festival this summer.

We would never have gotten this far without the financial support of the following people:

Abby Jaroslow Robinson

Alison apRoberts

Amy Friedman

Amy Supinger

Bucky Stein

Cate Caplin

Cheryl Stern

Danie Popkin

Daniel Neiden

Elisa Kapell

Ellen Snortland

Farnaz Simantob

Grace Kaprelian

Heather Booth

Howard Stein

Irene Shyman

Jayne Ava

Jean Teichroew

Jessica Carey

Joan Dans

Jonothan Tobis

Kassandra Towle

Katei Rubin

Kathy Morgan

Kelly Lester

Kristen Rea

Lorelle Patterson

Ludmila Kovalezay

Mara Tobis

Margot Rose

Mary Pat Gleason

Melody Libonati

Myra Slotnick

Pat Freitas

Richard Walter

Risa Jaroslow

Ronnie Rosenthal

Sally Lapiduss & Francesca Bartoccini

Sandy Fried

Suzanne Scerbo

Tee Scatuorchio

Valerie Webb

Wendy Prober-Cohen

and The Estate of Jerry Jarrett