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The Pasadena WeeklyThe Bechdel Test by Ellen Snortland

“… Enter a new generation of writers who see female stories as central, important to life,
relatable to both men and women and best of all, entertaining!

Given that theater is the “mother” of performance, playwrights can lead the way for all forms of the written word. Earning an A+ in the Bechdel Test Overachiever category is Lori Ada Jaroslow, a Renaissance woman: educator, actor, director, playwright and, most recently, mother. Her status of motherhood is the foundation of her moving and highly entertaining musical “The Baby Project,” which has a cast of (gasp!) five women. And yes, I have my own criteria for theater, The Snorty Test: Did I cry twice? Did I laugh twice? Did it make me want to create my own art? Absolutely yes to all questions.

Los Angeles Cast, 2013

Theater companies all over the country need to get a hold of “The Baby Project,” since there are so few pieces which feature all women, other than Federico Garcia Lorca’s “The House of Bernarda Alba.” Interestingly, “Alba” flunks the Snorty Test and the Bechdel Test; Lorca has the all-female cast talk endlessly about a man who never even shows up onstage! “The Baby Project” talks about sperm for sure, but not the sperm deliveryman…”

Gay Parenting Magazine, Lori Ada Jaroslow and The Baby Project by Flavia Francesquini

Lori and Samantha on adoption day

“We need art and we need to be represented in all art forms. Dana Jacobson is the character I had been waiting for all these years! Her bisexuality is not what moves the story along, it is not the reason for the plot, it’s not even that big a deal. But her story is one that reflects the journey many of us have taken, whether we are straight or not, and that ends up being the point. Our community is still teaching the world what constitutes family. We need all the examples we can find to show that love is the main ingredient, not legally assigned roles. When we support this project, we support the concept that we are all out there in the big scary world looking for the same thing, acceptance.”